An update for new and existing patients at Gynae Solution

The government is currently urging the public to avoid unnecessary travel, in the effort to reduce the effect of the Coronavirus in the UK. To help with this, we will now be offering telephone consultation to new and existing customers.

If you have health issues that limit your accessibility and ability to travel or are self-isolating, then we would like to offer you the option of a telephone consultation during this time.

A telephone consultation is run in the same way as any other face-to-face appointment. A date and time will be confirmed, as well as your contact details. If required, blood test results, scans and any other relevant medical information will be sent to the consultant beforehand, so that they can be reviewed. This will ensure you consultant has all the information required ready to discuss during your consultation.

During the consultation, your symptoms will be discussed and a treatment plan agreed. The consultant will then write to your GP (with the patient's consent), copying in any other healthcare professionals that are involved in the treatment plan. All patients receive a copy of this letter too.

Telephone consultations have many benefits including reducing patient waiting times and travel to and from appointments, however, we must also highlight that they are limited by the fact that the consultant will not be able to physically examine you. By speaking on the telephone, we can prevent delays in further investigations and treatment.

Telephone consultations are an excellent method for the consultant to be able to gauge and assess the medical situation before requesting further investigations. Some patients may need to be seen face-to-face, and this can be discussed with your consultant.

Thank you for all of your understanding at this time.

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